7 Best PDF to Word Converter On Windows PC

Since relaying of information has gone paperless to electronic documentation mostly the Portable Document Format, this has led to a remarkable interest in good PDF to Word converters. However, there is a vast choice of converting software in the market and this has made most buyers sit on the fence on which converter to go for.  Having a converter is not an issue of debate whether anyone should have or not. The big question is which amongst the available software the best PDF to Word Converter is. Here is just a guideline of the highly profiled converters that you should consider.

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Icecream PDF Converter

If you are out there looking for a top notch easy to operate software that converts PDF to Word documents then look no further. The Icecream PDF to Word Converter brings in features that are so you unique that for sure make it the greatest PDF Converter of all times. The only let down is that while converting your documents, it may leave out images in the process. However, that cannot make us forget the other features that the Icecream PDF to Word Converter provides. This is because the problem is not widespread.


  • It features a split box that makes it easy to monitor whether all pages have been worked on.
  • It has been developed to support Word documents in the following formats; DOC, DOCX, and ODT as well as those being developed.
  • Where converting large files, it has been set to work with the first ten pages otherwise documents with more than that will be dealt with separately.
  • Features other eleven major languages across the globe so that it is not limited to those nations that read English exclusively like how many converters have been designed to work.


TalkHelper PDF Converter

Such kind of good PDF to Word Converter is not an easy to come across. Those who have experienced it will agree with me that, it is the only converting tool that offers much at a very wallet-friendly price. It features a very lively interface that has bright blue and white background feature. With this feature it has made me even find handling of PDF more of a hobby at work and at home rather than work as I used to view it before all thanks to this intrusive interface. If this is not the definition of the best PDF converter then I do not know what is.

TalkHelper PDF Converter

  • The process of converting your PDF files to Word is less stressful on the basis of security and user has less to worry about as work is done offline on your PC. You cannot afford to be worrying about converting your documents anymore.
  • Content in the converted files in PDF form are retained and nothing is altered from the fonts, to even the texts.
  • Easy to operate but also comes with a customer assistance in order to inquire for technical help where it may become very difficult to operate.
  • Where the user does not need to deal with all the content in a document they can easily extract texts making it easier rather than retyping.


Nitro PDF To Word Converter

Here is the solution to all your PDF conversion problems in a single software. Statistics show that it has been on the use for over a decade with no major complaints about it. Finding a top PDF to Word Converter that does exactly that is a hustle that’s for sure. The Nitro PDF Converter has been listed as the only converter with the features that can replace top-notch converting programmes such as the Adobe PDF to Word Converter. This because of the high-quality output it yields. The features listed will make you agree that it indeed it is a great PDF to Word converting tool.


  • Cooperated with over 12 international languages of which all of them feature spell check tool to ensure correct grammar has been used in all of the twelve languages.
  • Features a QuickSign tool that allows the user to add signatures to their documents and at the same time add photos.
  • It comes with a toolbar that resembles that of the Microsoft Word hence making an adaption of using this software even more easy reducing the learning curve.
  • With the feature of Optical Character Recognition, it has improved the scanning of documents into texts that can be searched.


Nuance PDF To Word Converter

Nuance PDF to Word Converter is a very useful and for that matter an efficient converting tool that works perfectly to meet the expectations of any user in this kind of generation that nearly everything has been digitalised. Seeing it perform perfectly good as other good converting software that it competes with, is a good gesture that it can rely upon a home and small business usage.

Its innovation has made editing and conversion very fast but at the same time yielding great outputs. With the features, it brings you do not want to be searching for another converter. In a nutshell, it is simply the best PDF to Word converter to work with.

  • Ensures your documents are completely safe as it features the top security 256-bit encryption password preventing being accessed by wrong hands giving you the peace of mind.
  • Taking notes is even three times faster as compared to typing because it features the “Dragon Speech” recognition that takes down notes from the word spoken verbally.
  • Converts PDFs to Word while maintaining all layouts in the format of texts as that from the original document starting from graphs to the tables, texts and fonts.
  • Searching here is done very fast by the use of the feature of “Look-Alike” that uses the alphanumeric technique to search documents in platforms such as emails.


Adobe PDF Converter

We all know what kind of services that everything Adobe offers. Every converting tool compares itself to this software as it meets all the standards that every user could ask for. This is why it is ranked as the number one PDF to Word globally and recording the biggest number of users. It, however, has some laybacks that are not expected to be featuring a converting tool such as the Adobe PDF Converter. For example, it is said not to be available in all countries and that it also does not feature other languages.

Adobe PDF converter_7

  • Features the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that allows the converting tool to scan PDF images into searchable texts.
  • It allows merging of files thereby allowing the user to extract texts from different documents and adding them together to one file reducing the work of combining different documents. Bringing double feature of extracting and merging.
  • It supports the process of conversion of PDF files into Word document which has been made easier which can also be updated. Not only that but also does it maintain all the formats and fonts of the original copy unless altered by the user.


Soda PDF To Word Converter

Soda PDF to Word Converter has been one of those few converters that have established itself via social media platforms apart from its features attracting buyers that are in desperate need of a program that will help them handle their PDFs without a bug. It is a very proficient working tool that comes with two different versions that yield good output but operate totally differently. That is the Desktop version that works very well offline and the online version that calls for a user to upload his or her document for their conversion to take place.

Soda PDF Converter_2


  • Supports the eSignature signature signing tool that minimises the task of collecting signatures by doing it digitally.
  • Apart from converting documents from PDF to Word, it can also convert other over 300 formats into PDF.
  • Redactions and whiteouts can be used whenever there is the need of hiding classified or highly private information.
  • For security purpose where the user is handling very sensitive information, he or she can protect documents by setting 256-AES encrypted passwords thus limiting those who can access search documents.
  • Supports the adding of copyright watermarks and headers and footers for letters.
  • Features the side by side view which allows scrolling of worked on documents making it even easier when handling multiple numbers of them.


UNIPDF Converter

The UNIPDF converter may not be the love at first sight kind of good converting software because it is not as sleek as compared to other tools. However, I can guarantee you that once you lay your hands on it be certain that you will not set your eyes to another converter, it is simply the ideal PDF to Word converter that ensures your converted documents are perfectly processed with that touch of quality. What really impressed me about the UNIPDF PDF to Word Converter is that it does not have any malware that is associated with most of other converting software.


  • The fonts, tables, graphs, texts and columns are maintained after conversion in a way that one can confuse it to the original copy.
  • Its interface is less complicated and very direct hence does not need any assistance when operating.
  • It runs perfectly on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.
  • It has been designed to be used globally as it has been inputted almost all major languages.
  • It converts PDF files to word and other multiple formats such as Texts, Images, and HTML amongst many others.
  • Reliable for converting files that are of huge sizes without any problem as it does not restrict to the number of documents to work with.


Nemo PDF Converter

Nemo PDF to Word Converter is one of a kind top converter that is a product of Softnic software developers that are well known for the outstanding software they bring to the market. Nemo PDF Converter falling under their development does nothing less other than that. As a matter of fact, with the features that it possesses it deserves a spot in the table of top dogs such as Adobe. The only way you can confirm this is by trying it out and experience it first-hand. Just to break it down for you here are some of the features to expect from it.

Nemo PDF to word converter_3

  • It runs perfectly on Windows Operating system, that is, Windows 2003. Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • Conversion is very fast and the output is editable.
  • Supports batching and merging of different files from different sources in a matter of a very few time, seconds to be precise thereby saving you a lot of time.
  • The process of converting here has been simplified into three simple steps reducing the task of converting.


Settling for the best PDF to Word Converter may be even harder than converting process itself. This should not be the case anymore as above are eight top-notch converting tools to choose that appropriately meets your needs.it would also be lying to you that there is a perfect converting tool but having an appropriate software is among the listed ones above.